Empire Technology is a black owned South African company that specializes in bespoke software development and implementation. The company is firmly rooted in its belief that smart and connected information and communication technologies (ICT) has the potential to transform global society and business.

According to the Global Information and Technology Report, digitization multiplies the impact of connectivity, creating substantial incremental value not only in terms of job creation and economic growth, but also in terms of societal well-being and government transparency.

At Empire Technology we offer our customers integrated ICT technologies that are applied to building e-government models and improving e-commerce, e-learning, as well as various online and web-based services. In addition, we are constantly evolving to ensure that our offering remains cutting-edge, competitive, and in line with best practice.


  • E-Procurement Solutions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Asset Management
  • Logistics
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Applications
  • E-Business
  • EAI/Middleware
  • Knowledge Management/ Data Mining
  • Legacy Data Migration
  • Pervasive Computing/ Mobile Technology
  • Software lnternationalisation and Localisation
  • Software Maintenance and Support


Since ICT interacts closely with many other sectors, it enables innovations to accrue which has the potential to affect the overall productivity of a country. This vital fact is well understood by Founding member Shantan Reddy, who has actively set up an Entrepreneur Development Forum that enables collaboration and skills transfer in the ICT sector.

Recognizing the challenges faced by many young entrepreneurs who struggle to secure the requisite resources to bring to fruition often brilliant ideas within the ICT environment, this forum seeks to create a platform for such ideas and solutions to develop. To become involved in the Forum, please send an email via our contact page entitled: “Entrepreneur Development Forum”, and one of our dedicated professionals will respond. 

Empire Technology is committed to initiatives that contribute to civil society’s ability to use technology more effectively. All initiatives are geared towards improving South Africa’s competitiveness and to shifting the economy toward more knowledge-based activities.